December 11, 2007

We're famous yall

Google "gza birthday" and Hey! Student's the number one result. Sweet!

K back to work: here's a Justus Köhncke track off of the Pop Ambient 2006 compilation. Follow that link to view the soon-to-be-legendary HEY! STUDENT JUSTUS KÖHNCKE PRONOUNCIATION GUIDE. Capsule review: Most of Kompakt's catalog is meant for the dancefloor, but Pop Ambient practically lulls the listener to sleep. Put this track on and drift off...

Justus Köhncke & Heimermann - Albatros


Azazel said...

ah does the trick, very nice. :)

majormike said...

congrats dan!!! i read your blog every few days its cool. liked the daft post.

i started a blog, check it out and tell me what you think.

thx, later.