December 5, 2007

Faceless Music is Pure Music [Burial]

Dan has already expressed the importance and greatness of Aphex Twin. Apart from pioneering ambient techno, skittery beats and all around beautiful rythmic and melodic contrasting, Aphex Twin is well known for his anonymity. Rarely speaking to the press, living in bank vaults and occasionally showing up to play the odd live show, Richard D. James relishes his introverted personality. This allows Aphex's music to stand on its own, without his audience attaching the artist to the art. In a day where image is everything, and where "video killed the radio star," this is quite admirable. Another artist of great talent that has also chosen this path of anonymity is a man named Burial.

According to sources, only five individuals outside Burial's family knows he makes music, not only increasing the artist's mystique but, just like Aphex Twin, allowing listeners to purely focus on his music. Burial's music is a beautiful blend of two-step/garage and ambient techno, crafted using rudimentary electronic instruments. Heavy reverb, pitch-controlled vocals, and aching strings, all propelled by a steady two-step beat, Burial's music is haunting and beautiful all at once.

I've posted the track "Ghost Hardware" from Burial's latest album, Untrue, which is already on my list for top albums of 2007. In listening to Burial, I leave you with one very important thought: it's all about the music.
Burial - Ghost Hardware [Untrue LP, 2007]

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