March 9, 2009

Two dancefloor burners

Nothing much to report here. Just two tracks of pure disco enjoyment, and a picture of Superpitcher to get you in the dancing mood.

Mark E - R&B Drunkie (10/10 hotness factor)
Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Disco Dub) (like 8/10)

March 8, 2009

In The Studio: Dan Deacon

Above: Dan Deacon puts the finishing touches on his new LP, Bromst.

"What's the significance of the title?"
"Bromst? It's like when a dragon wakes up and it's not horny, but it knows it could easily become, ah, horny."

March 7, 2009

New DFA goodness [The Juan Maclean]

image courtesy Google Reader

I think the new Juan Maclean Album is a small success. Less Than Human was kind of like the underrated #7 hitter to LCD Soundsystem's cleanup swagger. (These are the kind of metaphors you get with an off-brand mp3 blog) It made sense for LCD and Juan to tour together back in 2005 (the Sony Playstation tour, ha) but that's not true anymore: LCD has stayed somewhat close to a "rock" sound on the last couple of albums, but Juan Maclean is going very electronic on this album.

With the exception of the single "Happy House," this album is not quite ready for the dancefloor, but it's pretty close. I think Juan might be just be waiting for a couple of friendly remixers to come along to really make these songs bump.

In a way this album is like what Out Hud did going from their first to second albums - this one is a lot more stripped down, closer to the dancefloor and features female vocals (from LCD's Nancy) up front.

The Juan Maclean - The Simple Life [The Simple Life, 2009]
The Juan Maclean - No Time [The Simple Life, 2009]

March 6, 2009


Damian Lazarus, founder of Crosstown Rebels

Lazpod is a monthly podcast collated and curated by Damian Lazarus, founder of the excellent UK-based electronic music label Crosstowns Rebels. Yet despite Crosstowns' pension for the electronic, Lazpod is surprisingly varied and illustrates Mr. Lazarus impeccable and incredibly diversified taste in music. In short, he's what DJs should aspire to be.

A musical grab-bag, Lazpod plays everything, including:

Spaghetti Western soundtracks
80's Top 40 synth pop
Nursery rhymes
Minimal techno
70s funk and soul
Golden age rap
Obscure covers of famous pop songs

This is what radio is supposed to be: non-discriminatory. Lazarus' motto is "if it sounds good, than play it."

You can download Lazpod here. Some of my favorites are Lazpod 4 (it's got one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Thompson Twins' "Hold Me Now") and the South American infected Lazpod 8.