March 6, 2009


Damian Lazarus, founder of Crosstown Rebels

Lazpod is a monthly podcast collated and curated by Damian Lazarus, founder of the excellent UK-based electronic music label Crosstowns Rebels. Yet despite Crosstowns' pension for the electronic, Lazpod is surprisingly varied and illustrates Mr. Lazarus impeccable and incredibly diversified taste in music. In short, he's what DJs should aspire to be.

A musical grab-bag, Lazpod plays everything, including:

Spaghetti Western soundtracks
80's Top 40 synth pop
Nursery rhymes
Minimal techno
70s funk and soul
Golden age rap
Obscure covers of famous pop songs

This is what radio is supposed to be: non-discriminatory. Lazarus' motto is "if it sounds good, than play it."

You can download Lazpod here. Some of my favorites are Lazpod 4 (it's got one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Thompson Twins' "Hold Me Now") and the South American infected Lazpod 8.

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