June 28, 2009

King Khan sound from Japan [The Ton-up Motors]

The Ton-Up Motors live at Bar Jam in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Finally spending time in Japan yields a good new band. The Ton-Up Motors played an amazing show when I saw them a few months ago, playing a very LOUD style of rock that reminded me right away of King Khan. The lead singer is crazy although not in the don't-give-a-fuck way like Khan, more in an "oh my god is he gonna kill me?" kind of way. Click on that first picture to see his facial expression better, he's really into looking right at people in the audience. It's exciting, I enjoyed it.

The band plays soulish punk rock, and the singer has the Suntory-and-cigarettes voice to back it up. The recording of their album was a little bit cleaner than I would like, but I think you can still that they're a real rock band. Enjoy!!

Note: I used online translation for some parts of the titles, so the English is not exact. Strangely enough I am most sure about "Right Hand Man Fire"

The Ton-up Motors - Stupid Smile (バカ笑い大将) [Soul is Dynamite, 2009]

The Ton-up Motors - Our Ballad (俺達のバラッド) [Soul is Dynamite, 2009]

The Ton-up Motors - Right Hand Man Fire (右腕ファイヤー) [Soul is Dynamite, 2009]

June 1, 2009


I'm living in Japan now. A friend here recently sent me an email with a link to a mix he did, saying "enjoy brutal bass sounds." I've never really gotten into dubstep (still do not understand Burial except when paired with Four Tet) but this is gonna do it for me.

RSD - Jah Way