December 6, 2007

Hey! Student Cliffs Notes Vol 1


In which we "blog" about something "new"! Ghostface Killah's new album is out. Supreme Clientele [nb: 2000 Ghostface album] is in my head right this second so it's kind hard to fit more Ghost in there. Still, there are a couple of good tracks off of The Big Doe Rehab, which you'll find below.

This is an opportune time to mention The World According to Pretty Toney, Ghostface's new book. If you're intrigued by this in any way, I *highly* recommend watching this related video featuring Ghost on a throne offering words of wisdom.

Ghostface Killah - Yolanda's House [The Big Doe Rehab, 2007]

Ghostface Killah - Killa Lipstick [The Big Doe Rehab, 2007]


Miguel said...

it's great you picked the two tracks with meth guesting. and a li'l weird that i'm saying that. but seriously-- have you heard 8 diagrams?

mcvmcv said...

yeah, i should have mentioned that, no coincidence there. i have 8 diagrams but i've only listened to half of it. i was kinda bummed that it took about 15 minutes to hear GZA. any tracks i should keep an eye out for?