December 3, 2007

Hey! Sister

Rae and Ghost

WOW it's been a long time since I posted. Well this one goes out to my sister, who recently had to spend close to two months at school without any music when her Mac died. How is that even possible? As a college student I didn't do anything but listen to music... come home from class, listen to music. Walk to class, listen to music. (Particular songs for varying lengths of walks) Get ready for a party, listen to music. Come back from a party, listen to music. Anyway, she dealt with it bravely, and when she came back for the holidays I hit her off with a whole bunch of CDs that I had ripped in glorious WAV format. However I neglected to pass along one album which would have really augmented her knowledge (which is what college is all about in theory) so I will do it right now over the internets:

Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx [1995]

This is a fundamental album in hip-hop, can't live without it. And she also asked for this:

Why? - Rubber Traits EP [2006]
removed per request

Why? put out the best indie rock record of 2006, Elephant Eyelash, and this EP has one of the better songs off of that album, "Rubber Traits," plus "Dumb Hummer" which is worth downloading this EP alone. OH YAH, MoveDigital is back, three cheers for VC funding yo!

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