July 18, 2007

Justice < Justus

"The noblest disco knight of modern times."

-Michael Mayer (it's true i found it online)

Here's a spectacular mix from Justus Kohncke on Beats in Space, Tim Sweeney's WNYU show. I'm linking directly to the mp3 which might be something of a faux paus, so hey everybody go and sign up for the Beats in Space podcast, boost those Feedburner stats!

Justus Kohncke mp3

Justus Kohncke stream (m3u)

The mix is about an hour long, it kicks off with an edit of "Get Down Tonight" by K.C. and the Sunshine Band and keeps building from there. The Beats in Space podcast, by the way, is well worth the 30 seconds it will take you to set up. Speaking of laziness, here's a couple of Justus quotes I found during an (actually enlightening) encounter with The Website That Shall Not Be Named But Will Probably End Up Getting Linked To All Over This Blog Anyway:

"A decent bridge can make the worst rubbish special."

"Since I was gay and loved disco music, it was kinda pre-programmed that my first experiences with house music and acid-- which I first heard in the late 80s, mainly through Düsseldorf's ruling clubs, Relaxx and Ratinger Hof-- completely mesmerized me."

Before we go, here's a Hey! Student exclusive, or so I hope: THE FIRST EVAR GUIDE TO HOW TO CORRECTLY PROUNOUNCE JUSTUS KOHNCKE'S NAME (the hits will roll right in - this is essential knowledge for any non-German hipster in training).

  • Justus: YOOST-us
  • Köhncke (umlaut = for the pedants): KERRR (as in "kernel")-nkuh

Now you know, go forth and spread the word.


Peter Robinett said...

Downtown Soulville with Mr Fine Wine is a fantastic show on WFMU. And the pedant in me notes that Beats in Space is on WNYU. ;-)

Daniel said...

Haha nice catch... this is the value of pedantry. Good thing no one will have subscribed to my RSS yet LOLZ