July 24, 2007

Sic Alps to wake you up

Hey it's Tuesday, are you slumped in front of your computer? Unless you power yourself by coffee (in which case I consider you a cheater at the game of life) you might want to listen to something like Sic Alps, a local band if you call SF home. Put headphones on, listen to this track just upwards of 200 times and it'll be Wednesday before you know it.

Sic Alps - Semi-Streets [via raven sings the blues]

This is kind of like The Black Lips if they were more into shoegaze and maybe didn't drink as much. Or to be more reductive, they're like the Black Lips of the West Coast. Can I googlemark that?

I found out Sic Alps through raven sings the blues, a blog that you should add to your feed reader of choice if you want to know what's what in the world of ex-centric (shoutout to JP) rock music.


ryan said...

I just googlemarked this from a previous post on my blog:

"the mindfuck post-WWII detritus of angst"

for a book review i was writing...

yay googlemark!

ryan said...

or wait, no it's this one:



mcvmcv said...

ah nice! spread the truth, man