June 28, 2008

New stuff: Лейдитрон е отлично

that's to grab extra bulgarian hits, don't you know

I worry some people might have the impression that Ladytron is a one-hit wonder, since "Seventeen" appeared in a commercial for American Eagle and stuff like that. Not the case! All of their albums have a few awesome songs, and here are two from their newest one. Why does hearing Bulgarian make me want to move?

I've contrived to miss them the last three times they've played San Francisco, but after listening to "Black Cat" many many times, I'm ready to drop everything to see them.

Ladytron - Black Cat [Velocifero LP, 2008]

Ladytron - Deep Blue [Velocifero LP, 2008]

Bonus track: "Black Cat" by Broadcast, which is also great.

Broadcast - Black Cat [Tender Buttons LP, 2005]

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Justin said...

Can't stop listening to Black Cat! I don't know what she's saying, but it sounds hot and scary all at once.