June 27, 2008

Bounce It


So, New Orleans Bounce. Taken from Diplo's write-up:

For those unfamiliar with Bounce: it is a fairly unique strain of club-oriented hip-hop that originated in New Orleans sometime around 1991. 20 years later, Bounce still dominates the urban club and block party scene in New Orleans with very little major label backing. The best club music seems almost always to thrive on calculated simplicity, and Bounce is no exception, relying on MC work that is based on simple call and response chants, straightforward rhyme schemes/patterns, and repetitive dance refrains.

In short: these songs are simple, but the Spank Rock-y vocal cutups, echos, cutesy artist names*, and big, big beats make sure they stay a lot of fun. See for yourself.

Kilo - Pop Dat Tattoo [Shake, Twerk and Wobble, 2008]

Gotty Boi Chris - Cut It Up [Bouncedown 6, 2008]

*One of the prominent Bounce rappers is named Peac-a-choo, ostensibly after the Pokemon.

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