June 6, 2008

Further dicta from the patron saint [The Fall]

Mark E. Smith

The Fall are back again, with a new lineup. Surprise! Actually, this time I think that the wholesale band replacement wasn't due to an M.E.S. hissy fit. In 2006, Mark sacked the band in the middle of a U.S. tour - this was more of a hissy fit, and involved a banana getting thrown at the patron saint of this blog. Some Americans (the first Yanks since Brix) were drafted in immediately to finish out the tour. They ended up sticking around long enough to record Reformation T.L.C., but they wanted to go back to the bands they’d left behind. I'm a little bit sad because the drummer's name was Orpheo McCord, and that's just awesome.

So here's the latest Fall album, Imperial Wax Solvent. M.E.S. sounds as grouchy as ever, probably a little more actually. (There's an 11-minute song called '50 Year Old Man,' which should be pretty much self explanatory) 'Wolf Kidult Man' has more snarl to it than any Fall song of recent memory, the guitar line here is menacing. This is very hard stuff. The other song I’m posting off the album is 'Taurig,' a proto-electronic track that could sort of be mistaken for the work of a bedroom banger producer.

There's not much else to say. The Fall have never been about subtlety, and these two songs bludgeon the listener with the same groove over and over. I still can't get enough.

The Fall - Wolf Kidult Man [Imperial Wax Solvent LP, 2008]

The Fall - Taurig [Imperial Wax Solvent LP, 2008]

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Justin said...

Dude...look at those bags around the eyes. The man has seen things.