June 1, 2008

Artist: Fleet Foxes

Seattle's Fleet Foxes are today's answer to 1970s Southen Harmony rock à la Allman Brothers. Their February EP, Sun Giant, is a gorgeous, rambling , and addictive example of uniquely American music, done as it's meant to be. Their self-titled debut is out this week.

Lay back and enjoy, friends.

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal [s/t, 2008]


Tumbledore said...

Is "American" code for white :P

Justin said...

Sounds like My Morning Jacket...I dig.

"I'll tumbledore ya..." Do you ever get that tumbledore?

tumbledore said...

MMJ is the Dave Matthews Band for alternabros.

mcvmcv said...

haha, this video is pretty entertaining. I like the dude in the plaid, "mississippi was off the heez." the rest of the dudes are hippies?

great track btw.