March 4, 2008

The further exploits of Boom Bip [Neon Neon]

Gruff n Bryan

So, when is Boom Bip going to hit the big time? He's a couple of albums in to his career, he already picked up and moved to LA, and his last solo EP was killer. Now comes Neon Neon, a project with Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals. While I'm personally excited about this project, and the two songs I'm posting couldn't be any better, I'm not sure this is what he needs to be putting out right now.

The name of the group and the title of the album, Stainless Style, pretty much give things away here. On last year's Sacchrilege EP, Boom Bip put together a sound that borrowed heavily from disco and 80's pop, while also keeping in touch with the 'maximal' style that will define 2007. (Justice? Good, but also overrated, my friends, let's see a second album) Stainless Style takes that sound and ditches any pretension of being dancefloor-friendly, leaving behind loads of 80's pop references. The first few synth stabs of "I Told Her on Alderaan" would sound cheesy in almost any context, but Boom Bip can pull it off. "Steel Your Girl" is a tremendous pop song helped out by Gruff's sweet-sounding harmonies.

As great as this music is - it's easily the best thing I've heard this year - I can't help but feel that Boom Bip could be producing club hits on par with the other heavy hitters in the indie dance world. I love Gruff and SFA, but Boom Bip doesn't need help from that audience. I personally welcome more songs about Princess Leia's home planet. I really just want to see Boom Bip make a run at the pop world, though. Hopefully this is a start. Who would stop him?

Neon Neon - I Told Her on Alderaan [Stainless Style LP, 2008]

Neon Neon - Steel Your Girl [Stainless Style LP, 2008]

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