March 11, 2008


Cornelius at The Fillmore, 1/19/08. photo by hippiesaredead

It's always a good sign when multiple people grab you to say "dude, you must see this band." This happened to me a couple of months ago with Cornelius, and I'm glad I went. He and his band (collectively, the Cornelius Group) put on a very enjoyable rock show, with extremely technical audio-visual synchronization. He's not doing anything that's going to rocket him to the blog stratosphere, but if you like rock music (ha) these tracks should be up your alley. Let me just mention now that The Smashing Pumpkins sit at the top of my own personal Olympus of rock bands, and I hear some of those arena-rock leanings in Cornelius, especially "Beep It."

Cornelius - Beep It [Sensuous LP, 2007]

Cornelius - Music [Sensuous LP, 2007]

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