March 3, 2008

Song of the year [Map of Africa]

Hey! Student's role within the music blogging community should be to feed on the scraps that more prolific bloggers have left behind. I would be more aware of this situation, and possibly be able to contribute things that are actually new, if I were to read more music blogs. Frankly, though, everyone's opinion is worthless, you guys are all two-bit hacks, and your taste is horrible. I don't have the time, let alone the willpower, to download your puny offerings.

With that, I present to you Hey! Student's BEST SONG OF 2007, which you should definitely download. It's "Map of Africa," by Map of Africa. This CD was featured in the front window of many Japanese record stores, +1. It's also got a sweet, enigmatic cover, so +2. Really, I like this music because it's not trying to do anything too trendy for these modern times, it's just a couple of dudes playing simple songs that don't sound overproduced. If you read the lyrics to "Map of Africa" you could easily think this is a product of nauseating irony, but no, he does just want to make a map of Afirca "all in your pretty bed, babe." Seriously!

I also highly recommend the other track here, "Bone," which has a great keyboard line. How many songs of the past year can claim that?

Map of Africa - Map of Africa [Map of Africa LP, 2007]

Map of Africa - Bone [Map of Africa LP, 2007]


ajeng said...

hello there! thanks for putting those links of Map of Africa. do you have the rest of the album? i couldnt find it anywhere. thanks

D$ said...

it's def up there