March 12, 2008

Kompakt update

Thanks to my friend Rainbo Video, I've been blessed with the complete discography of Kompakt records through 2006. Every so often I'll dig through and check out a random album. Lately I've been listening to Michael Mayer's Immer mix, which shows how textures and clicks can be formed into something danceable, or at least something highly head-noddable. It gets a little too melodramatic for me towards the end, but the first 9 tracks or so are all really good, especially 3-9. You can download the best one right now, or just grab the album from the second link. I've posted a lot of Kompakt stuff already, but this is a really good introduction to the label.

Carsten Jost - You Don't Need A Weather Man (Superpitcher remix) [Immer, 2002]

Michael Mayer - Immer

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