October 25, 2008

Because we care (because you do) [Aphex remix]

Two interesting remixes of Window Licker by dirty house favorite Trentemoller.

Funny - how many times has the seminal remixer Aphex Twin been remixed himself? That's a question I'd like an answer for, as well as audio proof like the two tracks below to back it up. I welcome any fellow Hey Studenters to chime in.

Enjoy - this shit kicks.

Window Licker (Trentemoller Remix 1)

Window Licker (Trentemoller Remix 2)


mcvmcv said...

ah nice! i have another remix of "Windowlicker" - called the "Run Jeremy XXX Edit" which i'll post up here soon enough - it's on my work comp right now.

mcvmcv said...

haha, i take it back, it's actually the "XXX Edit." it's pretty good, check it out!

Justin said...

Run Jeremy is actually a monikor for Mr. Trentemoller. How very Vibert! Check out the link below for the startling truth.


P.S. Run Jeremy is a phenomenal handle.

Justin said...

Oh and I'm pretty certain the remixes I posted are all part of the same Run Jeremy remix family.

Thanks for rounding out the family with your additional post!