November 3, 2008

I can be the burger, girl [Claude VonStroke]

c.v.s. coolin out with the dirtybird

Newest Hey! Student blogroll addition Embarrassment of Bitches recently posted an Essential mix by M.A.N.D.Y. for BBC's Radio One. EoB scribe JH has an axe to grind with you weak-willed American clubbers - the gist of his posts thus far is that if only the American metropolis had a streak of Berlin, we'd all be that much better off.

I'm on board with this thesis, without having experienced Berlin, or without having listened to the M.A.N.D.Y. mix for that matter (though I am downloading it as I write this, if that counts for anything, Jeff). Even so, it's not all doom and gloom for stateside clubs and DJs. To match EoB's M.A.N.D.Y. essential mix, here's an Essential mix from Claude VonStroke. It is very, very hot.

Oh and where does Claude VonStroke reside? Aww yeah, San Francisco baby.

Claude VonStroke - Essential Mix


Justin said...

We can make sandwiches...

Justin said...


Public Enemy ‘Countdown To Armageddon’ (Def Jam)
Akira Ifukube ‘Godzilla Theme’ (La La Land Records)
Justin Martin & Sammy D ‘Yum’ (Cadang / Dirtybird Re-Issue)
Frederic Galliano ‘Woualai (Soul Designer Remix) ‘F-Communications)
Italoboyz ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
John Coltrane ‘Bahia’ (Prestige)
DJ Deeon ‘Da Hoez’ (Freak Mode)
Sagat ‘Fuk Dat’ (Maxi Records)
Mike Dunn ‘So Let It Be House’ (Westbrook Records)
Detroit Grand Pubahs ‘Sandwiches’ (Throw)
Claude Vonstroke ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (Claude Vonstroke Underground Dub)’ (Dirtybird)
Duoteque ‘Logo’ (Boxer)
DJ Koze Vs. Sid Lerock ‘Naked (DJ Koze Remix)’ (Cereal Killers)
Robag Whrume ‘Pelagia’ (Musik Krause)
Kevin Rocks ‘Maravillosso’ (Rocks Playground)
Marshall Jefferson ‘Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)’ (Airtight)
Ptoile ‘Tigre Della Stella’ (Channel Records)
Todd Bodine ‘Secret Edge’ (Mothership)
Martin Eyerer & Anthony Collins Present Starsniff ‘Manifestation’ (Le Bien Et Le Mal)
Voodeux ‘The Curse’ (Mothership)
Frankie ‘Mash (Donk Boyz House Remix) (Frankie Rec.)
Khia ‘My Neck (Acapella)’ (Direction)
Manic Minds ‘Trans (Fafa Monteco Remix)’ (Brique Rouge)
Ranier Weicheld ‘Bamboo’ (Great Stuff)
The Martin Brothers ‘Full Moon’ (Dirtybird)
Style Of Eye ‘The Big Kazoo’ (Dirtybird)
The Pack ‘Vans’ (Zomba US)
Mr Rogers Clip
Claude Vonstroke ‘The Killer’ (Dirtybird)
Michal Ho Feat. Lil Dirty ‘Break Free’ (Moon Harbour
Needles ‘Revox’ (CDR)
Style Of Eye ‘Hide’ (Dirtybird)
John Tejada ‘Timebomb’ (7th City)
Italoboyz ‘Zinga’ (Mothership)
Henrik Schwarz ‘Robert & Dornroosje’ (Not On Label) (contains sample From Robert Hood's Track "Minus" From The Album "Internal Empire" (Tresor 27).
The Detroit Experiment ‘Think Twice (CVS Re-Edit)’ (Ropeadope Records
Reverend Tickle Clip
Burnto Bertolucci ‘Bake Me Dome Tonig

mcvmcv said...

wow. nice! thanks! i definitely want to explore more of these people. great SEO too :D