October 20, 2008

For G-bear fans [Department of Eagles]

cold chillin

If Department of Eagles sounds quite a lot like Grizzly Bear, that's because it includes a couple of their members. On the whole, it's pretty hard to tell their songs apart from their ursine cousins, but that's not a bad thing - when was the last time you heard a new Grizzly Bear song? Wouldn't it be good to hear another one now?

I also want to give a shoutout to DoE's official site, which includes some nice photography. In the press clippings you'll see that they had a huge piece in the New York Times, so we've definitely been scooped already.

When I first heard Yellow House it was impossible to get out of my head for a few months, and I'll be listening to the two tracks below for quite a while too.

Department of Eagles - Phantom Other [In Ear Park, 2008]
Department of Eagles - Teenagers [In Ear Park, 2008]

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