October 22, 2008

Kick back + relax [Kassin + 2]

day for night?

OK, so Luaka Bop pretty much has the lock down on "good Brazilian" music in the U.S. On the evidence of, well, all their releases (except for the Beleza Tropical series which I think is boring), no one can touch them.

Here are a few tracks from their latest release, Futurismo from Kassin + 2. Kassin = Alexandre Kassin, + 2 = Domenico Lancelotti and Moreno Veloso (yes, son of Caetano). They release albums as either Kassin + 2, Domenico + 2 or Moreno + 2. GET IT????

I have almost nothing to say about this, it's just a really great mix of what you might expect when you think about "Brazilian music" but with unexpected sounds. These guys are doing a brief tour of the US in December, short enough to reproduce here! (but after the files, so you know why it's worth going ok)

Kassin +2 - Mensagem [Futurismo, 2008]
Kassin +2 - Quando Nara [Futurismo, 2008]
Kassin +2 - Tranquilo [Futurismo, 2008]

Selective highlighting based on geolocation of known concentrations of H!S readers:

December 6, 2008
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Brooklyn, NY

December 7, 2008
Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, MA

December 9, 2008
San Francisco, CA

December 10, 2008
Hotel Café
Los Angeles, CA

December 11, 2008
Cedar Cultural Center
Minneapolis, MN

December 12, 2008
Lula's Lounge
Toronto, ON

December 13, 2008
Old Town School of Folk Music
Chicago, IL

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