January 22, 2009

Somewhat slept on in 2008 [Cheap Time]

Here are a few tracks by Cheap Time. It was sort of a Dusted favorite in 2008, it's the kind of band that you can sort of always find somewhere - fast paced rock songs which get in and get out quickly. They remind me of The Thermals a little bit, except nowhere near as annoying. I'm on a rock kick lately, so this has seen heavy rotation.

My two second blog research tells me they are from Nashville, and that Jay Reatard digs them. Enjoy!

Cheap Time - Too Late [Cheap Time, 2008]
Cheap Time - Push Your Luck [Cheap Time, 2008]
Cheap Time - Over Again [Cheap Time, 2008]

1 comment:

Justin said...

That cover is pure 70's power pop ala Big Star and Cheap Trick.