January 3, 2009

Arthur King!

The Holy Grail.

While perusing a few 2008 best-of lists over break, I kept finding they all had tracks by a certain DJ named Arthur King. First I thought: man, what's next, Elizabeth Queen!! (I am sorry.) Then I thought: God almighty, this music is good-sounding in my ears. It is this: a disco-Staxy-funked out sound that brings me back to a time before I ever existed. Yes, some of the mixes are compilations with little mixing, but the man earns his keep on the strength of the selections -- a little something like Tom Moulton. In conclusion: go get more of his music immediately.

Ecstasy – Endgames [Nunk, 2004]

I Like It – Young And Company [Summer 2008]

Je Suis Funky [Podcast, 2008]

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Azazel said...

Loving the "I like it" track. :D