July 9, 2008

Letting commenters inspire posts

ryan has left a new comment on your post "AFX Coachella set [Aphex Twin]":

I never seen Aphex live, but this image reminds me of a CMJ show I heard about in 1998: Merzbow vs. Alec Empire. I was actually in town seeing the Grand Royal showcase (bis, buffalo daughter), but I can't imagine the pain that must have gone on for those that were there (at CBGBs)

I've been meaning to post this Buffalo Daughter song for so long, because I love it. Back at WNUR I used to enjoy pulling it from the stacks because it was pressed on yellow vinyl. Wild! Anyway it it's finally the right time to post it, Justin can bear witness to this. I like how I've managed to incorporate my two most lame topics into this post, namely the weather in San Francisco and the halcyon days of college radio.

As for the Atari Teenage Riot song, I was really in to this in the seventh grade or something like that. Not that I was into anarchy, I just liked the song.

How will other Hey! Student readers inspire future posts?

Buffalo Daughter - Cold Summer [a 7" on yellow vinyl, sometime in the 90s]

Atari Teenage Riot - Atari Teenage Riot [who knows/cares anyway]


Miguel said...

hey now, i put in a request for a kool keith mix in a couple months ago...

ryan said...

Oooh nice. I have that 7" too :)

Buffalo Daughter remains one of the bands closest to my heart-- they continued to grow and still now are putting out great records. Seeing them live in Detroit a few times in high school were transformative and very special to transitional me.

Also, I wanted to go see Atari Teenage Riot, Rage Against the Machine & Wutang Clan and my mom said I could go (I was 15) but then later she figured out I was talking about ATR and not TMGB. So she forbade me. I was crushed.

I like this post :B

ryan said...

Oh crap, in my stupor I got my junior high bands mixed up! TMBG not TMGB. You know, They Might Be Giants (oh god).

mcvmcv said...

oh i don't have the yellow record, i just knew it from the radio station. i really should have stolen at least one record from the stacks though. i had my eye on that and an old fall 7"...

hook some buffalo daughter up!!

ATR + wu tang in one night would be awesome, even though i only know that one song of theirs. i think that would alter the life of most 15-year-old boys for the better.

stupor? ;)