July 18, 2008

Yet another musical piece to accompany your summer [Aaron Robinson]

During my younger, more freewheelin' days at college, when "responsibility" was more of an idea than actual practice, a friend of mine passed along this great electronic music DJ mix by a man named Aaron Robinson. Smooth transitions abound and filled with killer electronic tunes, this mix is another perfect complement to a hot summer day. Full mix below!

Aaron Robinson - March 2006 DJ set [don't let the title fool you - it's pure summer!]


lottery draw said...

Yuts, daw palagpat imo blog.

mcvmcv said...

i think the commenter above is saying "wow, this is a really smooth mix"

Justin said...

That, or it's internet code that lost its way. Either way, any opinion, whether good, bad or intelligible, is fine with me.