July 23, 2008

Artist: [Spank Rock]

So, Spank Rock. These guys are the best bunch of music-makers to come out of Baltimore maybe ever. Wonderfully danceable, cut-up rap over huge, enormously huge electro beats. In short, a really really really good time.

Before I dispense with the music, however, I want to discuss something. These guys taken some flack from some quarters for their, er, fairly sex-obsessed, lady-insensitive lyrics, and if possible, I'd like to take a moment to address this point. For one, the only reason Pitchfork gave them a 6.5 and not a 9.9 was due to reservations about this very issue:

Moving bodies is as worthy a goal now as it was when Little Richard sang, "Good booty, if it don't fit, don't force it". But Spank Rock's unspoken nihilism-- or, more pointedly, chauvinism-- has been getting a pass.

Here, friends, is where I must contest: It's (very likely) high-octane satire! Yes: I may just be rationalizing here, but I can't help but find myself in the 'its ironic so just enjoy the party!' camp. Just look at the Bangers & Cash album cover and say it ain't so! To be fair, the Pitchfork critic accounted for this outlook in his review:

You may be thinking, "Rap writer comes down on innocuous, possibly ironic good-time MC for sexism, continues ignoring Interscope artist's crimes." Fair point.

Fair point indeed. So: I say: when you hear them using the b-word, and the h-word, and various other generally objectifying terms, I ask you: take these folks with a few grains of salt, and try to realize: the songs are too smart to have been composed by a bunch of idiots.

In the end, Like the Pitchfork reviewer, I realize I may be wrong to take this stance, and I am open to differing opinions on this issue (i.e., satire perpetuates the beliefs it purports to skewer by giving them more oxygen). Please let me know if you feel I am a dum-dum. In the meantime, however, pleasepleaseplease enjoy the party.

Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix) [2008]

Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me [Spank Rock EP, 2006]

Spank Rock - Backyard Betty [YoYoYoYoYo, 2007]


Tumbledore said...

It's pretty well know among the cool (like me) that the dude from Spank Rock is a homosexual, so the "joke" should be obvious.

Matt said...

well that's a relief. no more guilt for me!