October 17, 2007

Viva Viva Super Eagles

This is one of my favorite finds of the year. Luaka Bop's "Love's a Real Thing" compilation of West African fuzz-rock was one of my favorite albums for walking around when it came out, so I was excited to spot a disc by Super Eagles (who have a track on that comp) when I was at NYC's Other Music this winter. That store's hardly bigger than a closet but stocks some of the wildest records ever. Supply and demand, I guess.

This music is totally languid... it feels as if it was recorded on some Carribean island. Most of the songs are in the Gambian/Senegalese language Wolof, which sounds a lot like Spanish to me. The liner notes (available from RetroAfric's website) have a good story about how Super Eagles were the first band from Gambia to get electric guitars and amplifiers. They're worth reading if that's your kind of thing. I really enjoyed listening to this one all the way through, so here's a track I like and then the full album.

Super Eagles - Viva Super Eagles [Senegambian Sensation Comp, 2001]

Super Eagles - Senegambian Sensation

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Peter Robinett said...

I love the Super Eagles!