October 1, 2007

OMG BSP (British Sea Power)

Yes I am a British Sea Power fanboy. That's me in Japan, actually in an OMG Ozu fanboy pose, rocking a BSP t-shirt. They sent me (personally! kind of) a track off of their new album. You'll have to judge for yourself how awesome it is; I wasn't impressed at first but I found myself playing it over in my head yesterday and thought that it was Hey! Student worthy. If you don't read Pitchfork, or my shared items feed, you may not have known that their new album's going to be called Do You Like Rock Music?, so let me possibly be the first to inform you. Again, OMG!

Leaving aside the new track "Atom" I am still way down with this version of Múm's "Green Grass of Tunnel." It's not an easy cover to pull off and they've done it well. Pretty sure this was the b-side to the first single off of Open Season.

British Sea Power - Atom [Krankenhaus? EP, 2007]

British Sea Power - Green Grass of Tunnel [It All Ended On An Oily Stage single, 2005]

Múm - Green Grass of Tunnel [Finally We Are No One, 2002]

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