October 30, 2007


On!Air!Library! (photo Sean McCabe)

This is how easy it can be:

On!Air!Library! only put out one self-titled record before breaking up, but it has two songs that have stuck with me, and one in particular that I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing. Who cares about the bio (well, ok, yes the girls are twins if you must know) when you can listen to "Bread"? This is everything that could have been right about early-2000s indie rock.


On!Air!Library! - Bread [On!Air!Library!, 2004]

On!Air!Library! - Faultered Ego [On!Air!Library!, 2004]

1 comment:

Gregory Q. Public said...

nice, I really like "bread." I wonder if they're down with library music...