February 21, 2009

Some More Fine German Electronic Music [Efdemin + Mobilee Records]

Germany continues to be the leader in fresh electronic music. Home to many of the best electronic music labels (Kompakt, Bpitch Control, Perlon, Trapez, et al), I feel like Germany's electronic music scene is difficult, nay impossible, to beat today. A couple of fresh new mixes from some Germans are here to continue the streak.

First up, Efdemin. Efdemin's self-titled debut made it on my top ten list for 2007, and with good reason. Efdemin's style is certainly minimal but also efficient, milking sonic pleasure from the smallest musical elements, such as a dry snare or simple bell chime. His smartly titled mix CD, Carry On - Pretend We're Not in the Room, is equally as wonderful, mixed with deep house ("Soul Revival"), mimimal techno ("Blank Scenario") and even spoken word ("Watcha Waiting For?"). The spoken samples are perhaps the standout element of this mix - the beat verses in "Watcha Waiting For" are wonderfully abstract, and the use of a Gus Van Sant short, Do Easy ("Doiicie (A)"), and Gossip Girl monologue (gasp!!!) are clever pop culture nods. Here's a couple of tracks from the mix below:
The Showroom Recording Series - Watcha Waiting For? [Carry On- Pretend We're Not in the Room Mix, 2008]
Minilogue - Doiicie (A) [Carry On- Pretend We're Not in the Room Mix, 2008]
Next is the inaugural podcast from Mobilee Records, another fine German mimimal techno shop. Though strictly mimimal techno, abstract vocal snippets are peppered throughout to give the mix an organic feel. Something great to listen to at night to melt away the daily grind.

"Relentless Nights" (Mobilee Records Podcast 001)

These podcasts are set to be released on a monthly basis, so RSS junkies, update your reader apps!

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