February 18, 2009

Finely Cut Electronic [Rex the Dog]

adorable aesthetic with a bite

I first got turned onto Rex the Dog when I heard his single "I Look Into Mid-Air" on the nearly perfect Kompakt Total 6 Compilation in Winter 2005. There is an undeniable sonic and visual aesthetic with this fantastic cut-up electro artist. First, the music: Rex the Dog produces bangers that are sonically dense, finely cutting synths, drums and vocals in hyper-rhythmic fashion. Second, the visual: Rex the actual dog (pictured above), who is featured in all of Rex the Dog's music videos and cover artwork, is absolutely adorable. Who says electronic music lovers can't "feel"?

Case in point: watch the music video for the song "Bubblicious" below and if you aren't smiling and nodding your head in absolute glee, I owe you a coke:

Also, for your listening pleasure, check out two additional Rex the Dog tracks below:
Rex the Dog - I Look Into Mid-Air
The Knife - Heartbeats (Rex the Dog remix)

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