August 16, 2008

New Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club, and all of Lo Recordings actually, has been one of my favorite discoveries of the past year. With all the talk of "Space Disco" it's good to see someone step up and put out releases that I think will have some staying power.

The cover of this Black Devil Disco Club (who I think is no longer pretending to be a long-lost disco producer from the 1970s and instead content to be a French person making electronic music) release proclaims that it is "the holy grail of space disco." Okay. I feel like if something is going to be the "holy grail" of anything, I shouldn't be able to pick it up at my local CD store, but maybe that's an issue I should take up with the marketing department of Lo Recordings.

These tracks are all really good! New Black Devil!!

Black Devil Disco Club - With Honey Cream [Eight Oh Eight EP, 2008]

Black Devil Disco Club - Never No Dollars [Eight Oh Eight EP, 2008]

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