May 26, 2008

Perry Part 2

Two days ago, I had the honor of seeing the amazing Lee 'Scratch' Perry in Berlin. The man is 72 years old and still going strong.

He spoke in magical rhymes on a number of subjects, including Jesus, sex and vegetarianism:

I love Berlin! If you don't believe me, ask Merlin. If you don't believe him, ask Whirlwind.

No more meat I eat! Take it to the supermarket and park it.

I am the Internet and the Winternet.

When the show was over, I found myself bathed in a sea of satisfaction, regretting only that it might be long before I could hear any of Mr. Perry's morsels of wisdom again. Fortunately, I soon discovered an entire website full of Perryisms.

Lee, bless you.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Black Panta [Blackboard Jungle Dub, 1973]

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