May 15, 2008

Kid Creole

New Hey! Student blogger Matt recently posted this video to his personal blog. Could he have known that this is one of my favorite songs ever? Hey Matt, when you get back from running around Europe, post some more of this goodness over here!

Also, I dunno if this is why Matt posted this video, but there's a whole compilation of Kid Creole that just came out. Amazon link here. I first heard of Kid Creole from (erstwhile?) Hey! Student blogger Justin, who passed along a compilation called Mutant Disco, which I highly recommend. It features Kid Creole, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and lots of other zany disco folks like Cristina.


Peter Robinett said...

Man, those are some outfits!

Justin said...

"Break it to me gently now...don't forget I'm just a child..." Brilliant!

Don't forget the truly wonderful "I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby."

Kid Creole is the man.

Justin said...

I got the "Going Places - The August Darnell Years" compilation. It's just more Mutant Disco-esque goodness!

Kid Creole does a great job of combining differing genres to create something so fresh, and well, downright danceable.