February 14, 2008

Overrated, underrated [Ikara Colt]

Definitely not art school grads


Hot Chip


Ikara Colt

Yeah there's not really any comparison between them musically. One is a dance-pop band, the other is a noisy punk band. One is in fine form, the other broke up a few years ago. I still want to call attention to Ikara Colt, in particular their album Chat and Business. Why this album isn't viewed as a classic release of 2002 I can't say. I'm not sure how many other bands at that time were following the hallowed (joke) lineage of Wire et al any better. England's had such a great tradition of producing punk bands from universities, what high school did Hot Chip escape from? Look at how cool Ikara Colt looks. They are so ready to rock. If they were still around they'd totally beat Hot Chip up, ideologically of course. Most of the dudes in Hot Chip are actually OK but this guy in the green glasses really bugs the shit out of me, sorry guy:

Listen to some real rawk:

Ikara Colt - Sink Venice [Chat and Business LP, 2002]

Ikara Colt - After This [Chat and Business LP, 2002]


majormike said...

i hope this is suppose to be a joke.

Can I Beat? said...

hahahahaha I had chat and business on vinyl, what a great album. definitely underrated. wrong time, wrong scene, wrong label, wrong marketing etc. i like hot chip but i agree that guy is annoying, COME ON GUY!

mcvmcv said...

sorry mike, no joking on this blog.

yeah, your analysis is right on matt, they had the right music but never made the impact they could have.

consensus = glasses guy needs to lighten up, although maybe that emo quality is what brings out the teenage girlz to hot chip concerts. (at least the last one at the fillmore) call it the oberst effect!

Tsu-Yin C said...

ikara colt might look collectively cooler, but sorry, the dude on the far left's a dead ringer for josh groban. subtract 3 points.

mcvmcv said...

yeah new commenter! welcome Tsu-Yin. anyway, point taken, maybe he cancels out the cloying HC frontman and we can all live in harmony.