February 4, 2008

Mystery RISD music [Mystery RISD Group]

Did I mention that Hey! Student accepts submissions? Oh yes. Today we present a demo from starving design students at Rhode Island School of Design, a school well famed for its musical output. Talking Heads, Lightning Bolt and Black Dice all emerged from the Providence cool kid factory, and now here are some sounds of budding RISD rock stars.

Well, this group doesn't actually have a name, but I think they've gotten off on the right foot. It's a good idea to write songs about what you know, in this case wine-swilling design professors. I'll hope to see some more developed songs from them in the future. "Maybe they'll record a song in stereo, too," comes a cry from the rafters. Thank you sir, settle down now!!

??? (Mystery RISD group) - Gareth Jones

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