August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, GZA!

wu hands

I'm hardly in need of an excuse to post on the Wu-Tang Clan, what with today being the birthday of Gary Grice aka GZA, and especially because Wu came through SF last weekend and destroyed. (Those are Wu hands over there) I don't have any critical discourse to deliver about Wu-Tang's greatness, just check out this freestyle which was kicked on legendary KZSU show The Drum back in 1993. If you're not familiar with the Wu-Tang Clan, listen for GZA, he's the one who name drops George Burns.

I have to give a plug for The Drum, since it's been on the air forever playing hip-hop that's not wack. The link up there is for the podcast, so you're about two clicks away from getting a constant stream of good music in your iTunes podcast-enabled mp3 client of choice. If my word is not bond, here's a nice article about Kevvy Kev, the man behind The Drum. Listen for him sounding totally cool and composed on this track, despite being surrounded by the greatest crew of MCs ever assembled.

Wu-Tang Clan - Dope Freestyle [mp3]

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