August 27, 2007

From Jerusalem to the missions of San Luis Obispo

the skygreen leopards

It's very easy to get lost in the world that The Skygreen Leopards create. This might be true of all psychedelic music, but here it's all about the songs of Glenn Donaldson. There's a strange brand of mysticism running through The Skygreen Leopards' catalog, which is probably best summed up by song title "Jesus Was Californian." You might end up in a cul-de-sac if you listen to the words too literally, but there's no need to exert yourself in this way; Donaldson is a very talented singer. He delivers the songs earnestly, like he's straining to direct these daydreamy songs towards reality.

The Skygreen Leopards - Belle of the Woodsman's Autumn Ball


Anonymous said...

hey dan its me mike i found ur blog thru matts, i just want to say great blog, i look forward to hearing more of what you find interesting. BYEEEEE

mcvmcv said...

hey man, thanks. i hope you enjoy it...