December 11, 2009

Best of the 2000s

Hey folks. I reeeeally shouldn't be starting this list now, as I have two exams in the next five days. But here goes. Here go six, rather. For now.

1.jackson and his computer band: smash

No album of the 2000s blew my mind quite like this one. An old review described it perfectly: 'Jackson Fourgeaud doesn't write songs. He builds elaborate toys that run on their own silicon-plated gears.'

Jackson And His Computer Band - Radio Caca [Smash, 2005]

2.plaid: double figure

Plaid – Twin Home [Double Figure, 2001]

3.ellen allien: berlinette

Ellen Allien – Open [Berlinette, 2003]

4.luke vibert: lover's acid

Luke Vibert – Gwithian [Lover's Acid, 2005]

5.diplo: florida

Diplo – Way More [Florida, 2004]

6.stephen malkmus: face the truth

Stephen Malkmus – Pencil Rot [Face The Truth, 2005]

and finally, yes, you knew it.


Alan Braxe and Friends – Rubicon [The Upper Cuts, 2005]