May 24, 2009

I Was Wondering How You Felt.

I'm going to go with this.

1) Wowee Zowee (Black Out!)
2) Slanted And Enchanted (Zurich Is Stained!)
3) Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Stop Breathin'!)
4) Brighten The Corners (Stereo!)
5) Terror Twilight (You Are A Light!)

Pavement – Black Out [Wowee Zowee, 1995]

1 comment:

Dan said...

Wowee Zowee for sure at #1.

I have to own up to being something of a heretic, I have not heard Terror Twilight or Brighten the Corners, except for the singles. So ignoring those, I would go with Slanted and Enchanted next, then Crooked Rain Crooked Rain.

If Danish sees this I know he will disagree.