September 27, 2008

i love kompakt so much [Superpitcher]


Saw Superpitcher last night. It was fantastic. Many future Hey! Student bloggers and commenters saw him a few years ago in Chicago, and this was just as good. I love how he rocks out on the mids so much... I can't resist this track.

Superpitcher - Fieber [Speicher 6 12", 2002]


Justin said...

Props to Superpitcher! He was here this week with Michael Mayer, but I couldn't go. I've seen Michael and Superpitcher separately, so to see them together would be the end of the world, for sure.

mcvmcv said...

i liked superpitcher a lot more than MM. they were switching off every 15 minutes or so but it was definitely fun.